Feb 7, 2017

She is back - Philippa Eilhart

This was an art test for CD Projekt Red that I did in 2015 in which I failed.

I guess this now stand as an Witcher fanart but it was a failed test for CD Projekt Red that I did in 2015.

I had a lot of work to do that month, tons of stuff to finish and I had to slip an art test between all the stuff I was doing...

One question remains, if I took the test when I had more time... would I be able to do a better job?

Jan 30, 2017

Sketches on instagram

I've been posting a lot of sketches on my instagram if you want to see more of these, just follow me there. lucas.parolin.art or https://www.instagram.com/lucas.parolin.art/

More warhammer work

these are some illustrations done in late 2015.

Skink starseer

Wizard Duel

Some Wulfens

prosecurtos vs blood warriors

Oct 26, 2015

Some Warhammer illustration

Hello everyone, this is two of the illustrations that I did for Games Workshop: Warhammer and it was released on the book Battletome: Khorne Bloodbound



I have more work that I did for Games Workshop, but they are still under Non-Disclosure, hope I can post them soon

some Hex cards

Hello everyone, here is two cards I did for the game called Hex TCG https://www.hextcg.com/
I did more cards, but they are still NDA so I can't post yet.

Vine Lash

Iljun's parade

And I also have a process for this card, since a friend asked me about how I do underpainting:

Here is some comp sketches:

Here is the underpainting, it will show a bit under the final colors:

This is some colors added on top, starting with the background:

More colors:

Some close ups:

Some close ups more developed:

Hope this helps somehow!

Thanks for stopping by

Oct 9, 2015

Sketch dump

Heeeey. Let me tell something for this post.
When I started taking illustration and concept art more seriously I jumped too soon on digital painting, because I only saw the end result and not so much the foundation to get there. That was a big problem that I would only see in the future.
I got too confortable with the capabality of changing everything at any time, I sort built my skills on a very forgiving media. which is a bad thing to do in the end.
That lack of traditional training shows up on my sketchook when I try to draw straight from pen. I don't have a very confident line yet... and I haven't learn how to think carefully before putting a stroke down. So that's the reason why got back to traditional, and doing it with pen, to force me to develop my drawing skill in a good way.

That being said.... hey... here is some sketches, Hope you like them:

I also post more of these on my instagram, add me there if you wanna see more updates


Mar 10, 2015


Hello, I'm not dead, but since I'm doing nda stuff I decided to post some digital studies from various references from the internet. Some are pictures, others are sculptures and also drawings.