Nov 8, 2012

Portrait Study

Hello... I did a 2h portrait study today, trying to improve the proportions of the face, also the anatomy features. It's a digital painting done in photoshop.
I also did only as a value painting, cause I feel my values need improvement! Specially the lighted part!
The original pic is from SERGUEI PREOBRAZHENSKI [ORIGINAL PHOTO LINK] Any comments or feedback on that will be great!

Nov 6, 2012

Anatomy - Bones

Those are my beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemans!
I learned a ton by doing this! You should try it once... if you haven't already

Nov 5, 2012

This morning Studies

Hello everyone!
I decided to use this blog now... it's totally abandoned and I'm very good at using this but I hope I get the hang of it.
I'll start posting some of the studies I did this morning... On my last piece I felt a difficult to make a generic terrain, with textures, so I did one study today for it. Also I did quick pose study. 60 seconds each pose - 28 poses - done in 28 minutes