Dec 17, 2012

Lagartos Digitais

anatomy poses

more anatomy poses... I'm not in shape yet... I need to practice more!

this is a training done from the website called pixelovely

traditional stuff

more anatomy. these are studies done with live models and charcoal

and also here a modeling practice... it's a WIP

trying to imagine it's anatomy

Dec 12, 2012

wherever I may roam

A painting done from imagination, inspired by the song, no reference. Done live at my channel

Here is the time lapse video of this:

Dec 11, 2012

more Anatomy and some landscapes

I'm posting some traditional drawings from life and also some digital studies from photos...

This is the digital, done after more than 2 weeks without practice, each pose is 2 minutes, I used to do better and more in 1 minute... That's me failing miserably... but that's ok, let's keep practicing.

And at the end here is some digital painting studies from photos, so I may prepare better for my next creation painting. I have a hard time with leaves and trees and green... so I'm trying to improve.
Beside the first one, these were done pretty quickly, the first was the worst... after some practice things got a little better.

Dec 8, 2012

speedpainting video

this is the video of the painting of the valley, I increased the speed so you can wait less. Part of the video at the end is lost due to a problem with livestream. Thanks!


Dec 7, 2012

new self portrait, although it's digital I'm trying to paint in a different way

Just painting for myself! I got back from my trip to Peru! I've seen so much! Machu Picchu and all Inca culture is amazing! Although this is not Inca related... I'm still influenced by the travel! I'll do some stuff totally related to it soon.