Mar 21, 2013

Bloodsports Update

I did some studies to understand how to paint the background and how to organize the shadows and colors.
I wanna keep the old fantasy feel in my piece so I thought these studies were important

an old D&D cover

Frazetta study

My color scheme:

Mar 20, 2013

bloodsports 13 update

Hello, this is a little update on my Bloodsports piece. I'm a little late, but still gonna finish it!

Mar 14, 2013

Bloodsports 13!

Hello! This is my first post regarding Bloodsports! I'm glad Bloodsports is back, this will be the first time I'm in!

here is what I did so far:
this is the thumbs for the main character

here is some mechanical studies from real things, so I can learn

here is the progress on the character concept 

here is the first study on the composition

If you want more information on this challenge go here: BLOODSPORT 13- The Histories of Schaat' Nath : Time Warriors