Apr 22, 2013

Bloodsports 15 Final and comp sketches

Here is my final piece for Bloosports 15 - guild of golems

and also comp sketches and color studies

olor studies after Johanes and Jaime Jones

Apr 15, 2013

Lodstone Sorcerer concept progress

This is the progress on the Sorcerer concept I still gotta choose in which direction I'm going.

I did some studies of lodstone/magnetite crystals and electromagnetic fields to get inspiration for my design

here it is

Apr 9, 2013

bloodsports 15!

Hello, the bloodsports 15 is Guild of Golems! Awesome. I'm gonna do a magnetite/Lodstone Golem and Sorcerer. Here is some of my references and concept ideas

Apr 6, 2013


Hello, this is a concept I did for school. I did some studies before.

here is the studies:

Apr 4, 2013

bloodsport 14 beast masters goes on!!

Here is the update!

I studied some statues to improve my armor details and design. I learned a lot and did some major changes to my characters


Apr 2, 2013

Bloodsports 14 studies!!

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I don't post.

Here is what I have done for the bloodsports 14 beastmasters. My character is a Champion/Prince/Paladin like hero, that has a Griffin Armor and shapeshifts into a two legged Griffin, that retain a little bit of armor and his sword