Apr 7, 2014


Some studies =)

Master studies to inspire my future creation

studies to inspire a portrait that I'm doing from imagination

Demon with Process

This is an illustration that I finished in March, but never posted it, so I figured to post the process too if anyone is interested:

Here is the final piece

and here is the process:

Two Sides of a Battle ~ a tragedy told by hands

I have so much to say about this piece, that I probably shouldn't say anything.
I finished it on the middle of February and after I posted on Deviantart and Cghug it spread out really fast beause it was reposted on reddit and imgur, reaching 400k views on imgur and after that spread really fast over the internet. This is the final piece, and below it I'll share a little bit of the process

Tiger Slasher

The first is the final piece the rest is the process

Portraits studies

oil on canvas from movie still
 a friend, digital painting from life
after Rambrandt
from photo

 Oil on canvas after Velazquez's Juan de Pareja

 After Sargent

Still life