Sep 4, 2014

Monkey King

Sketch that I did while talking to my friends on skype. we had a common theme, this time was Monkey King. I'm also posting the process if you're interested.

Skeching process


It's been centuries since Pyrhygron was imprisoned into a solid form, during the great inter-planar confront.
Generations passed and these events became a myth and the location of the, so called, victory monument was lost...
Now, after a long era, when the might of all the realms seem to diminish, a renegade Priestess of Agni gathered and activated the 5 seals...

what will be the fate of this generation and those that are yet to come?

Experiment with photobashing - inspired by the workshop that Shaddy gave at GDC and also Maciej gumroad video.

Shankhashuda - Maha Yodha

Hello, this is the card that I did for Maha Yodha, that was recently kickstarted. Check it out, the game is great!
I'm also sharing a bit of the design process behind it.
It was great and easy to work with the art director Raj Esh, he had an idea on what he wanted for the card but still gave me a lot of freedom, since this character never had any image before.

Design process

Knight concept sketch for my game

Hello everyone, this is a concept exploration for my upcoming project.
It's going to be a game, a simple one but, I'm very excited to see it finish because I believe it has potential. I also posted here the process in case you're interested.
Stay tuned for more updates


general idea

used the general idea and did the sketch again

Sargent Study

this is a study that I did last year on oils, but I never finished so I figured I should just post it as it is...

Art Dump

Crazy Dude Cowboy-steampunk concept practice

Lady study


Just a tip for us

my OC for Tron

Quick creation =)

digital plein air

I did this long time ago for the digital plein air group on facebook. I have to post more stuff, so I'm go look back and see some stuff that I forgot.

Cusco - Peru

Ver o Peso - Belem - Brazil