Oct 9, 2015

Sketch dump

Heeeey. Let me tell something for this post.
When I started taking illustration and concept art more seriously I jumped too soon on digital painting, because I only saw the end result and not so much the foundation to get there. That was a big problem that I would only see in the future.
I got too confortable with the capabality of changing everything at any time, I sort built my skills on a very forgiving media. which is a bad thing to do in the end.
That lack of traditional training shows up on my sketchook when I try to draw straight from pen. I don't have a very confident line yet... and I haven't learn how to think carefully before putting a stroke down. So that's the reason why got back to traditional, and doing it with pen, to force me to develop my drawing skill in a good way.

That being said.... hey... here is some sketches, Hope you like them:

I also post more of these on my instagram, add me there if you wanna see more updates


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