Feb 7, 2017

She is back - Philippa Eilhart

This was an art test for CD Projekt Red that I did in 2015 in which I failed.

I guess this now stand as an Witcher fanart but it was a failed test for CD Projekt Red that I did in 2015.

I had a lot of work to do that month, tons of stuff to finish and I had to slip an art test between all the stuff I was doing...

One question remains, if I took the test when I had more time... would I be able to do a better job?

Jan 30, 2017

Sketches on instagram

I've been posting a lot of sketches on my instagram if you want to see more of these, just follow me there. lucas.parolin.art or https://www.instagram.com/lucas.parolin.art/

More warhammer work

these are some illustrations done in late 2015.

Skink starseer

Wizard Duel

Some Wulfens

prosecurtos vs blood warriors