Feb 7, 2017

She is back - Philippa Eilhart

This was an art test for CD Projekt Red that I did in 2015 in which I failed.

I had a lot of work to do that month, tons of stuff to finish and they asked me to do an artest for illustration for Witcher (Gwent) I said I couln't that month, but I would be able to do the next.... They said they were in a hurry so they gave me one week to do a illustration... But I had a lot to finish from the work I was doing so I couldn't take a full week, but I maneged to take 5 days. I used it all to make this piece.

Still... they took a month to get back to me and tell me I didn't make it.

Well, it was a bummer, but that's always a risk when you take test, you give your own time.
They took a few months after to fill that position and I was happy because it was a friend of mine... and the rest is history...

One thing that I remember bothering me at the time was, if I didn't take the test then... and maybe tried it later, would I be able to do a better job?